VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It didn’t take long for the Canucks to pack up and fly back home to Vancouver after today’s win against San Jose. The team was greeted by more than a hundred fans, decked out in their jerseys and waving flags.

After a few smiles and waves to the crowd, the team ducked into their cars and took off.

Yasmina called our newsroom from the airport, and says the crowd was ecstatic.

“There [was] probably about a good hundred and fifty standing at the gate and lined up on either side to cheer them on. There [was] probably another 60 or 70 of us at the fence, right in front of all our vehicles.”

“I found out from a friend of mine who’s in San Jose,” she says. “He basically said that they’re going to be at YVR at South Terminal at 6:15… And from there, my mom says ‘Let’s go!’”

Just hours after their big win in San Jose, news of their flight home was all a-Twitter.

These girls are certainly happy they were there to greet the team.

“We saw Bieksa, he gave us a thumbs up,” gushed the girls. “Luongo, Kesler, the Sedins, Torres, and Lapierre!”

So, was it worth it? “Yes!” they exclaim. “For five minutes of seeing them, it was worth it!”

As the Canucks drove off in their cars, fans followed in a convoy, waving their flags and honking their horns.