VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Pit bull owners are targeting the few remaining cities in the Lower Mainland, which still have bylaws that specifically pertain to their breed of dog.

The owners say their dogs shouldn’t be treated differently than other breeds.

April Fahr of HugABull will visit New Westminster council Monday night  to tell councillors it’s not about breed, it’s about ownership.

“There’s now academic research showing that pit bulls are really no different than any other dogs, but unfortunately there is this stigma that does remain,” she explains.

Fahr is a big believer in basic obedience classes for dogs, which she says greatly reduce the likelihood that the dog will bite someone.

“It’s the relationship with the owner, it’s socialization. Training is a very powerful thing.  And if we shifted our focus to that, and to owner responsibility rather than breed, we will see a huge reduction in aggression incidences.”

New Westminster, Richmond,  White Rock, Burnaby and West Vancouver still have ‘vicious dog’ bylaws, which can include requirements for muzzles, leashes, special kennels and higher licensing fees.