BELLINGHAM Wa, (NEWS1130) – Car dealerships in Bellingham may be selling to more BC customers over the next few months.

So how are we affecting their pre-owned market right now?

One Whatcom County  dealership says people from the lower mainland make up roughly 15 per cent of its customer base, but come spring there are suggestions the number will double, reaching sales not seen since 2007.

“We are seeing year-old Mercedes Benz right up to year-old Toyota Camrys. There are big savings to be had and you don’t have that same hassle at the border anymore.”

Co-owner Julian Greening says 20 years ago this was a non event.

“Seven years ago at the peak of our market, we were selling easily 30 per cent of our total volume was going north of the border. There was the slow down with the way of the economy, but now it is starting to go again.”

He adds the supply is there.

“The economy has a bit of a spring in its step and your [Canadian] economy seems to be quite robust.”